What is hypertrophy and what is it’s relation to building muscle mass?

The hypertrophy is the process when several changes in the cells of your body cause some changes in the size of different muscles. This change can sometimes be good for your body and sometimes these changes can be extremely dangerous for your health. In this article, we’re going to talk about the relationship that hypertrophy has with building muscle mass.

As we have mentioned before, that the hypertrophy is the process in which a particular part of your body becomes larger due to several changes in the cells. This is the major role of hypertrophy in building muscle mass. Sometimes, this process helps in building stronger muscles and sometimes it can appear to be a headache for you.

You must understand the psychology of muscle hypertrophy before you start building muscles with several techniques.  For some basic information, you may take a look at the information below.

Physiology of muscle growth

The changes occur in your muscles when you use them regularly. The muscle fiber types you use and the type of activity play an important role in determining the changes. There are several other elements that may help determine the changes in your muscles. The process of muscle growth is also known as the muscle hypertrophy. Resistance activity, high-intensity, and chronic anaerobic are some of the major factors that boost the muscle hypertrophy.

The changes in muscle strength and muscle endurance are caused due to the neural adaptations that is caused due to the resistance training. These neural adaptations also play an important role in changing the size of the muscles.

Resistance training doesn’t play an important role in increasing the muscle fiber numbers. However, it plays an essential role in increasing the cross-sectional area. The levels of hypertrophy can be different in a person based on their age and sex.

The way someone’s body reacts to a particular exercise is completely different from others. It is often found that a way that helped someone in increasing muscle strength in a person couldn’t help others in the same way. So, you must keep all the elements in your mind before you start taking any type of fibers.


The supplements that people take nowadays also play an important role in affecting the muscle hypertrophy. Therefore, you must choose the supplements very careful because wrong supplements damage your muscles badly. You must figure out that what type of exercise, fibers, and supplements are perfect for your body according to your age and sex.