Why Hiking is a Great Choice For Getting in Shape

hiking the mountain

How to get in shape? A lot of people will say go to the gym, go running, swim or maybe just take a walk. These are all good old-fashioned ways to get fit, but for some people, many of them don’t work as they want, or they are just tired of doing the same exercises with no progression and are looking for something different. There is a solution to this problem my friends that will break up the monotony, using our calories as a fuel, and get us in shape, all while enjoying everything nature has to offer. It’s called Hiking.

Hiking is a great activity, with its popularity growing every year in a lot of countries. At the end of the 19th century a German named Philipp Bessemer started all of this: trails, explorations, publishing maps, in one word – Hiking. This sport requires some equipment like a pair of the best hiking boots in the world, hiking clothes, and some extra gear like a backpack with snacks and water in it.  These are all necessary in order to have more comfort, safety and enjoy the full experience of this journey.

The main benefits of hiking is how it can improve the health of our body and our mind. By walking on the uneven road, aka trails, with the proper shoes, we spend about 400 calories in just one hour. Sometimes the ground can get even more extreme with the rocky points, or higher top which makes us burn calories really fast, and that is the reason why this sport is great for beginners and experienced hikers.  You’re able to go at your own pace, work your way up, and finally get the body you’ve always been looking for. Hiking can be our cardio workout that also lowers risk of heart disease and blood pressure, improves sugar levels, is good for people with arthritis or osteoporosis by boosting bone density and our”happy hormones”.

By coming face to face with a lot of obstacles on the trail to the top, we build our lower hips and leg muscles, glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings, while strengthening our core muscles too. You don’t need to pay crazy gym fees or go to the gym four times per week in order to get in shape. You can put hiking in your weekend days and holidays but you can also take a nice 1-2 hour expedition once a week if you’re really busy and still get a lot of the benefits. Of course there will be some people that say that you can do all this just by going into the gym. And they are right, but as the Henri David says: ” We can never get enough of nature”. Sea coasts with open landscape, sun providing us vitamin D, wilderness and trees, fresh air and lots of other enjoyable moments that you will experience on this road of hiking sounds really nice, am I right?

The best thing about hiking is that this sport is for every person, no matter how old you are or what kind of shape you’re in. Just put on some hiking boots on your legs, grab that old backpack in your storehouse, put a smile on your face and go on this adventure with your own pace in order to achieve better shape and health or whatever your goals are.…